Family Law

The attorneys in our Family Law Group understand the importance of knowing all aspects of the law and being sensitive to the particular needs of our clients. Family law presents issues that are different from most other areas of the law. The issues presented are personal, sensitive, complex and often emotionally charged. We provide guidance and advice to our clients and assist them in easing the stress and anxiety that often accompany the process. We are also sensitive to, and understand, that this process is an emotionally draining period in our clients’ lives.


The prospect of entering into the divorce process is daunting for most litigants. Our attorneys are experienced in handling any matter, whether it is simple and uncontested, or high-conflict and complex. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they comprehend the immediate issues, as well as those that may arise in the future.

Custody/Parenting Time

As any judge or experienced attorney will tell you, it is preferable for parents to resolve issues regarding custody and parenting time, as the best interests of the children are paramount in these cases. We utilize every effort to resolve these issues without the necessity of a trial. Unfortunately, we are sometimes compelled to litigate such matters. We have represented clients in extremely difficult cases and assisted them in finding resolution. We have also represented clients with interstate and international custody disputes, as well as relocation cases.

Child Support

Our attorneys assist clients through the process of obtaining child support awards as well as the collection of child support arrears. We understand that these funds are critical for the benefit of children born of marital or non-marital relationships. We also assist clients in collecting support from parents who reside outside of New Jersey.

Domestic Violence

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or have been wrongly accused, our attorneys are experienced in prosecuting and defending these matters. Our attorneys were involved in a seminal New Jersey Supreme Court case that clarified significant jurisdictional provisions of the New Jersey Domestic Violence Law. One of our attorneys works with the Bergen County Alternatives to Domestic Violence Program, which provides representation for victims who suffer from the serious cycle of domestic violence.


Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in the appellate process. We are not afraid to question court rulings if we believe that an unjust ruling has been made by a trial court. Our recent appellate cases have dealt with an international child abduction and Hague Convention issues, as well as custody and domestic violence issues.

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