Finance & Corporate Services

Our experienced attorneys guide and advise our clients through a variety of complex and sophisticated corporate and business-related legal matters, all while maintaining a keen focus on “making the deal.” We assist businesses of all types and sizes in a full range of services vital to their growth and profitability. Our approach is predicated upon personal counseling and our attorneys’ ability to draw on firm specialists and outside professional affiliates, as needed, to create vehicles that can properly support the client’s business goals.

Business Planning and Formation

Our attorneys assist clients in developing strategic business plans and determining the most advantageous form of organization, whether in a traditional corporate structure, such as a Subchapter C or S corporations, or alternative entities or vehicles, such as limited liability companies, partnerships, joint ventures, associations or business trusts. We assist our corporate and start-up clients in their company formation, day-to-day operations and governance.

Corporate and Business Transactions

Working closely with our tax attorneys and a wide range of outside professionals, including accountants and financial services groups, we serve as counsel to large and small companies, and individuals engaging in all nature of corporate and business transactions, including purchases and sales of business and business assets, mergers and acquisitions, employment and severance agreements, agency contracts, licenses and concession agreements, franchise agreements and other sophisticated business transactions. We pride ourselves on the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively close the deal, but our interest and counsel frequently extends beyond the closing room. We provide our corporate clients with all aspects of business legal support and advice, ensuring continuing success, and enabling us to cultivate long-standing relationships with our clients.

Corporate Trust

For more than 30 years, we have represented banking institutions, serving as trustee for corporate and tax-exempt bond issues, governmental authorities and hospitals in tax-exempt bond issues that have totaled well over a billion dollars. When representing trustees, our attorneys work closely with the issuing authority, underwriters, bond counsel and other professionals to ensure that the bond documents properly protect our client’s interests and that the deadlines for the financing are successfully met.

Banking & Finance

The attorneys at Winne Banta represent individual and corporate borrowers, commercial and savings banks, and insurance companies in an array of lending work, including:

  • Land acquisition
  • Construction and permanent loans
  • Loan defeasance
  • Mezzanine loans
  • Securitized financing
  • IRC1031 tax deferred exchanges
  • Asset-based financing
  • Revolving credit arrangements based on inventory, accounts receivable, equipment or other security

We are experienced in handling all aspects of such transactions, including negotiating and preparing loan commitments and loan documents, reviewing and resolving title matters, obtaining and analyzing government approvals, and all related compliance issues.

Mortgage and Asset-Based Lending

We represent individual and corporate borrowers, institutional lenders and insurance companies in an array of lending work, such as land acquisition, construction and permanent loans, loan defeasance, mezzanine loans, securitized financing, IRC1031 tax deferred exchanges, asset-based financing, and revolving credit arrangements based on inventory, accounts receivable, equipment or other security. Our attorneys are experienced in handling all aspects of such transactions, including the negotiation and preparation of loan commitments and loan documents, review and resolution of title matters, obtaining and analysis of government approvals and all related compliance issues.

Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment

Today, the Internet and other rapidly changing technologies have added new dimensions to intellectual property law and the many complex issues facing companies and individuals alike. These all present challenges to the intellectual property attorney to devise equally creative solutions and identify new opportunities for the protection of IP achievements. We provide:

  • Counseling and Representation to assist our clients’ companies with intellectual property transactions, as well as representation in IP and IP-related litigation. Our services include the filing and prosecution of trademark and tradename applications for individuals and businesses, and handling IP and related affairs for clients. Whether our clients are involved in traditional media, software, internet-related industries or general business services and products, our attorneys help guide them through all aspects of this complicated and ever-changing area of the law.
  • Transactional Servicesinclude trademark prosecution, copyright, licensing, merchandising, technology and content, IP protections, royalties negotiation and production agreement negotiation, general business affairs in entertainment and software-related industries, employment agreements, business entity formation and day-to-day general corporate matters. We work closely with our corporate attorneys and other resources within our firm as well as a growing network of outside IP professionals.
  • Litigation Services for intellectual property and IP-related matters, including litigation for copyright and trademark-related claims.
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